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The App

Exploring complex data from a case-based complexity perspective


Join our global network of researchers and applied and public policy users

COMPLEX-IT is a bespoke design-interface for non-experts in computational modeling to explore their data from a case-based complexity perspective, in a simple, seamless and secure research environment using the latest advances in machine learning, systems mapping, data visualization, data forecasting, and simulation.



Designed for non-experts in computational modeling

COMPLEX-IT employs the latest human-computer design strategies to provide a user-friendly, seamless, visually intuitive, no-fault learning environment.

It is part of a new methods field called

Approachable modeling and smart methods. Or AM-Smart for short.

Complete support system for

learning and exploring

COMPLEX-IT provides a 360-degree learning environment with video tutorials, PDFs, articles, forum, file-sharing, blog and portfolio.

It also provides tab-driven prompts and guides during each step of your analyses.

Safe and secure

data environment

COMPLEX-IT online is housed on secure-by-design. It runs in its own protected environment. Each user's access is always SSL encrypted.


COMPLEX-IT download runs on your local computer in R-Studio.on your


COMPLEX-IT is a tab-driven interface.

Tab 1 allows you to import and organize your data.

Tab 8 generates a downloadable final report, complete with EXCEL files, statistical results, and graphs.

Tabs 2 through 7 offer you a suite of of computational methods designed for a case-based complexity approach to data exploration, modelling, forecasting and simulation.


TAB 2 -- Cluster Analysis

TAB 3 - Machine Learning

TAB 4 - Data Visualization

TAB 5 - Scenario Simulation

TAB 6 - Data forecasting

TAB 7 - Systems Mapping


To learn about COMPLEX-IT visit our Help Centre.

Visit also our forum, file-share, portfolio and blog.

Tab-driven interface
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Integrating Smart Technology with Interdisciplinary Methods

COMPLEX-IT facilitates non-expert usage by:

  • scaffolding both routine and difficult tasks

  • providing rapid and formative feedback

  • enabling productive failure

  • leveraging visual reasoning skills,

  • producing rigorous, authentic, and reliable results

About Us
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Our Story . . .

Methods software needs to be accessible, but also educational and rigorous.

We created COMPLEX-IT to address three major challenges we faced as methods developers.

First, we had created a suite of case-based complexity methods that other researchers and applied and policy professionals wanted to use, but lacked the expertise or experience to employ them -- so they were going unused.

Second, for our own research, no bespoke platform existed that housed these methods in a single place, leaving us jumping from one software programme to the next, which wasted time and often led to errors.

Third, we wanted to develop a platform that was more than button pushing. We wanted it to help people actually learn how to use computational methods and a case-based complexity approach in a smart and rigorous manner.

Thanks to funding and support from Durham University and the Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (CECAN), we were able to develop COMPLEX-IT


As a team we are committed to advancing a case-based complexity approach to research, policy and practice in an effort to advance the study of social complexity and to support decision making. We each bring to the team a wide range of methodological and programming expertise and are proud of the truly transdisciplinary and international makeup of our work.

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